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DSP Resources

  • Charan Langton Same criticism. Why avoid complex numbers? Why attempt to build the complex case from the reals? But insightful tutorials nonetheless.
  • Prof. Alan V. Oppenheim -- Signals and Systems (π's #1 choice!) Oppenheim is where it is. Where JOS may leave a logic gap for the reader to job, Oppenheim will probably state the result twice. These lectures are golden! Make sure you do the exercises as you go, otherwise you will come adrift!

Fourier Transform

  • Fourier SYNTHESIS visualisation with d3.js


  • IRC -- ##dsp on FreeNode, #musicdsp on EFNet


  • Matlab -- still used in industry & academia a lot, costs insane money
  • IPython -- this is where it is at. This is the future of scientific computing! Coding in Python using numpy scipy matplotlib etc.You install anaconda (the package manager) which takes care of installing everything else. You set the notebook server spinning from the commandline e.g. `cd ~/Dev/MyJupyterNotebooks/; jupyter notebook`, which launches the notebook client in your web browser.